What is MESON? What is MESON Network?

Since the beginning of the year, CoinList has been delighting its investors with exciting pre-sales and continues to offer new opportunities to the community in 2024. This fourth project is the Meson Network, which is critical to the future of Web3!

Meson Network Pre-Sale!

CoinList, one of the first platforms that comes to mind when it comes to pre-sales among cryptocurrency investors, announced its new favorite Meson Network. CoinList, which has been delighting its investors with one exciting pre-sale after another since the beginning of the year, continues to offer new opportunities to the community in 2024. This fourth project is the Meson Network, which is critical to the future of Web3!

What is MESON Network?

With Web3’s goal of creating an efficient bandwidth marketplace, Meson Network aims to provide bandwidth at low cost by replacing traditional sales models with a blockchain protocol. Offering decentralized storage, computation and data transmission foundation for the Web3 DApp ecosystem, Meson’s vision is to provide its users with a global marketplace for those who need bandwidth and to evaluate underutilized bandwidth resources in exchange for tokens.

Meson Network aims to create the world’s largest bandwidth marketplace in the future, providing a platform where users can exchange bandwidth resources for tokens. Users from different geographical regions will be able to obtain the bandwidth they need from Meson’s marketplace. To achieve this goal, Meson is going beyond using a direct sales model as an alternative to traditional sales models.

Noting that traditional cloud vendors rely more on a sales model to gather resources, Meson states that this model is no longer sufficient. Noting that the increasing need for labor to expand local markets creates a challenge in resourcing the mass market, where demand is fragmented and output is low, Meson proposes an open bandwidth exchange over the Meson Network as a solution to this challenge.

The new model proposed by Meson simplifies the integration of resources and allows users to access resources according to standards and protocols. The advantage of this model is that it minimizes human interaction and enables rapid scaling through free market mechanisms. By using the protocol model, Meson is taking a more flexible approach to defining the interaction and role allocation between users, opening the door to a rapidly growing market.

CoinList Pre-Sale Opportunity

Investors who believe in the potential of Meson Network can get a chance to invest early in the project by participating in the pre-sale on CoinList. To participate in the pre-sale:

-Create an account on CoinList,

-Completing KYC verification,

-It is necessary to meet the minimum investment amount set for pre-sale.

Meson Network Presale and Token Economics

Pre-Sale DateFebruary 8, 2024, 18:00 UTC
Token Price$1.75
Purchase Limit$50 – $3,000 (up to $6,000 with extra requests)
No Participation RegionsUSA, Canada, China, South Korea
Total Supply100 Million Tokens
Token AbbreviationMSN
Fields of UseAccess to network services, miner rewards, administration

Token Distribution

StakeholderRatioUnlocking Time
Special Sale26%12-36 months
Community Sales5%6 months
Ecosystem27%8 years
Foundation Reserve20%8 years
Technical Team15%8 years after the 6th month
Partners6%6 years
Testnet Map1%In direct circulation
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