What is Seedify? What is SFUND?

Seedify.fund is a trailblazing center in the ever-evolving blockchain sector, fostering and empowering early-stage projects through a DAO-driven seed fund, a decentralized incubator, and a launchpad. Their goal is to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem, driving innovation and growth in decentralized technologies.

In the dynamic landscape of the blockchain industry, Seedify.fund stands as a pioneering hub for nurturing and empowering early-stage blockchain projects. Its multifaceted approach encompasses a DAO-driven seed stage fund, a decentralized incubator, and a launchpad, all meticulously designed to propel promising projects towards success. The project’s overarching vision is to foster a thriving ecosystem where innovation and growth converge, fueling the advancement of decentralized technologies.

What is SFUND?

SFUND, the native token of Seedify.fund, serves as the lifeblood of the platform, driving its multifaceted functionalities and empowering its community. It embodies the essence of utility and governance, seamlessly integrating into various aspects of the Seedify ecosystem.

Launchpad Participation: SFUND holders gain coveted access to participate in initial DEX offerings (IDOs) hosted on Seedify, securing prime opportunities to invest in promising blockchain projects at their nascent stages.

Community Governance: SFUND holders wield the power of their tokens to actively participate in shaping the future of Seedify. Through voting mechanisms, they influence crucial decisions pertaining to project selection, tokenomics, and platform development.

Staking Rewards: Staking SFUND tokens unlocks a stream of passive income, rewarding holders for their loyalty to the platform. Additionally, staking contributes to network security, enhancing the overall resilience of the Seedify ecosystem.

Ecosystem Fees: SFUND plays a crucial role in facilitating various platform fees, including project listing fees, listing application fees, and community voting fees. This ensures the seamless operation and sustainable growth of Seedify.

Team Incentives: SFUND acts as a cornerstone of funding for the Seedify team, providing the resources necessary to maintain the platform’s integrity, enhance its functionality, and actively engage with the community.


SFUND is an ERC-20 token, leveraging the robust Ethereum blockchain to underpin its operation. This ensures the inherent benefits of scalability, security, and interoperability, enabling seamless integration with various blockchain ecosystems. Notably, SFUND is a fully decentralized token, with no pre-mine or team tokens reserved for future allocation. Its distribution mechanism ensures equitable distribution among the community, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.

SFUND Tokenomics

The Seedify tokenomics are carefully crafted to incentivize long-term SFUND holding and align the interests of token holders with the success of the platform. This alignment fosters a community of vested individuals committed to the collective growth of Seedify and the projects it supports.

Community: A substantial 50% of the total SFUND supply is allocated to the community, ensuring that token holders share in the platform’s success and contribute to its governance.

Ecosystem Development: Dedicated to nurturing and maintaining the Seedify ecosystem, 30% of SFUND is directed towards platform maintenance, marketing, and strategic partnerships. This ensures the continued growth and advancement of the platform.

Team: Recognizing the invaluable contribution of the Seedify team, 10% of SFUND is reserved for their continued motivation and commitment to the project’s success. This aligns their goals with the long-term growth of the platform.

Marketing and Partnerships: To amplify Seedify’s reach and attract new projects and users, 10% of SFUND is allocated for marketing and partnerships. This fosters wider adoption and elevates the platform’s prominence within the blockchain ecosystem.

Impact of Seedify

Seedify stands as a pivotal pillar within the blockchain ecosystem, empowering early-stage projects and fostering a collaborative environment where innovation thrives. Its decentralized approach and community-driven governance cultivate a fertile ground for promising projects to flourish and contribute to the overall growth of the blockchain industry.

Key Features of Seedify’s Impact

DAO-driven Seed Stage Fund: Seedify’s DAO-driven seed stage fund revolutionizes the selection process, empowering the community to collectively evaluate and select projects with exceptional potential.

Decentralized Incubator: Seedify’s decentralized incubator extends beyond mere funding, providing hands-on support to selected projects. It guides them in refining their ideas, developing their products, and fostering meaningful connections with the community.

Launchpad for Quality Projects: Seedify’s launchpad provides a dedicated platform for high-quality blockchain projects to conduct IDOs. This ensures that early-stage investors gain access to promising opportunities, while projects receive the necessary exposure and support.

Guaranteed Refund Mechanism: Seedify’s IDOs encompass a novel guaranteed refund mechanism, offering token holders protection in case of project failure or unsatisfactory performance. This safeguard instills confidence in investors and fosters trust in the platform.

How Much Did Seedify Launchpad Earn?

Seedify also outperforms competing launchpad platforms. The most well-known LaunchPad platforms are Seedify, Starter, Red Kite, TrustPad, Dao Maker, Polkastarter and BSCPad, respectively.

The tokens that are available for pre-sale on the Seedify platform are performing well on average. Behind this performance is the fact that they are sold to users at very affordable prices. Although this method is called pre-sale, it does not promise “guaranteed earnings” to users. While many projects have experienced several-fold increases, some projects can perform worse or better.

Some of the projects that Seedify has pre-sold to $SFUND stakers have shown historic performance. Looking at historical data, Bloktopia, at its peak, made about 680x for someone who bought it on pre-sale. Cryptomeda, another popular project, has realized a 185-fold increase. ChainGPT is another project that was recently offered to $SFUND holders via pre-sale. On average, projects purchased in the pre-sale phase can bring good potential profits to participants, depending on the participation tier systems and the number of token supply.

What is the Seedify Tier System?

Cryptocurrency pre-sales announced on the launchpad on the Seedify platform can be participated in, provided that users stake their $SFUND tokens. Seedify, which defines different purchase rights for different Tier systems, allows its users to participate in the pre-sales of projects and buy them at an affordable price.

The Tier system helps users determine the amount of SFUND tokens they need to participate in private sales and initial offerings.

The Tier system is updated regularly. It is therefore quite possible to see these numbers change over time.

Tier systems work as follows:

Tier 1: 500 SFUND

Tier 2: 1000 SFUND

Tier 3: 2500 SFUND

Tier 4: 5,000 SFUND

Tier 5: 7,500 SFUND

Tier 6: 10,000 SFUND

Tier 7: 25,000 SFUND

Tier 8: 50,000 SFUND

Tier 9: 100,000 SFUND

The participant in Tier 1 is entitled to purchase 1% of the total private sale of the project.

The participant in Tier 9 has the right to purchase 10% of the total private sale of the project.

In summary, tier systems help determine the amount of SFUND tokens users need to participate in private sales and initial offerings. Each tier entitles users to receive more tokens in a private sale or initial offering. This is designed to ensure a fair distribution on the Seedify launchpad and to ensure that every user has the opportunity to invest in the project.

Seedify as a Conclusion

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Seedify.fund stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering early-stage projects and fostering a thriving ecosystem where groundbreaking ideas can flourish. Its unique blend of DAO-driven governance, decentralized incubator, and launchpad provides a supportive environment for promising projects to secure funding, mentorship, and access to a global community of investors.

The Seedify token, SFUND, serves as the driving force of this ecosystem, providing a mechanism for community governance, staking rewards, and platform fees. Its equitable distribution and dedicated allocation to ecosystem development, team incentives, marketing, and partnerships ensure that the interests of token holders align with the success of Seedify and the projects it supports.

As the blockchain industry continues to expand, Seedify is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping its future. Its dedication to nurturing innovation and fostering a collaborative environment will undoubtedly attract promising projects and empower them to make significant contributions to the decentralized ecosystem.

Seedify Token Price Prediction

In line with the support and resistance levels determined for SFUND Coin, the closest support level is determined as 3.32 dollars. Below this level, the level of 2.50 dollars is followed as a lower support, and then the level of 1.60 dollars is determined as another support point. On the other hand, the resistance level followed in the upward movement of the price is observed as 5.47 dollars. These support and resistance levels can be considered as important reference points to monitor the asset’s price movements and create possible trading strategies.

Where To Buy SFUND Coin?

Seedify coin can be bought on centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges.

To buy SFUND Coin, you can get it by signing up for a 40% commission discount on the Bybit Exchange by clicking on it.

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