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What is Open Campus? What is EDU Coin?

EDU coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Open Campus platform. It is used to access and pay for educational services on Open Campus, a blockchain-based, decentralized online education platform. It can be used as a means of payment for all content available on the platform.
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What is WEN Token?

Jupiter Exchange is breaking new ground in the crypto world with the launch of the $WEN token, representing the spirit of the crypto community. Inspired by the poetry of Weremeow's co-founder, the $WEN token can be seen as an icon representing the values and aspirations of the crypto community.
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What is MESON? What is MESON Network?

Since the beginning of the year, CoinList has been delighting its investors with exciting pre-sales and continues to offer new opportunities to the community in 2024. This fourth project is the Meson Network, which is critical to the future of Web3!
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What is Ondo Finance? What is ONDO Coin?

Ondo Coin (ONDO) is a cryptocurrency that was released on January 18, 2024 as an ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain, used for various transactions on the Ondo Finance platform and increasing in value.
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What is Dog Wif Hat (WIF)?

WIF Coin on the Solana blockchain is a meme cryptocurrency inspired by the Doge meme, representing the Shiba Inu dog and offering a fun investment experience with high volatility.
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What is AltLayer (ALT) Coin?

AltLayer is a decentralized and open-source protocol designed for Optimistic and zk-Rollups. It aims to significantly increase the transaction capacity and solve the scalability problem of main chains like Ethereum, which forms the backbone of Web3. This makes faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions possible.
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What is Myro?

Myro is a memecoin operating on the Solana blockchain, distinguished from other memecoins by offering tools such as a purchasing bot, trend-finding section, and a treasury fund to support the growth and adoption of the Solana ecosystem. Myro aims to reach the broader crypto community of Solana by encouraging fun learning and engagement.
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What is APR? What is APY? What are the Differences Between APR and APY?

APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is a measure that reflects the compound interest effect of an investment and represents the annualized interest rate. On the other hand, APR (Annual Percentage Rate) represents the annual interest rate of an investment but does not include compound interest. Therefore, APY typically provides investors with a more realistic estimate of returns.
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What is Sui? Technology of SUI

Sui is a permissionless layer 1 blockchain with a user-and developer-friendly interface. It can affordably support a broad range of application development at an unparalleled speed.