What Is AIDOGE Coin? How To Buy AIDOGE Token? AIDOGE Price

AIDOGE merges AI and meme culture, powered by AI coin for governance and engagement. Its creative approach and thoughtful tokenomics have the potential to attract meme enthusiasts and make a mark in the growing memecoin space.

What Is AIDOGE Coin?

A decentralized cryptocurrency called AIDOGE (AIDOGE) skillfully combines the allure of Dogecoin memes with the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). The AIDOGE platform provides a personalized, AI-driven meme creation experience that dynamically adjusts to the always changing cryptocurrency landscape. As the native token of the AIDOGE ecosystem, the AIDOGE coin (AI) powers transactions, rewards staking, and governance involvement.

AIDOGE Token Project

By utilizing AI to produce individualized and interesting memes for users, the AIDOGE project hopes to completely transform the meme industry. The platform uses machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to create funny memes that are customized to each user’s tastes, evaluate trends, and pinpoint hot subjects. This creative strategy seeks to draw in meme fans and create a lively community centered around the AIDOGE ecology.


Within the AIDOGE ecosystem, the main cryptocurrency is the AIDOGE coin (AI). It functions as the platform’s default means of exchange for payments related to contributions, purchasing of memes, and premium feature payments. Furthermore, AI tokens are essential to the AIDOGE project’s governance framework since they enable token holders to vote on platform choices and upcoming development projects.

Tokenomics of AIDOGE Coin (AI)

In the AIDOGE tokenomics concept, long-term growth and sustainability are prioritized. There are 210 billion AIDOGE tokens in total, of which 188.56 billion are in circulation. A 2% burn mechanism on all transactions ensures a progressive decrease in the overall supply over time, contributing to the tokenomics’ deflationary tendency.

AI tokens can be obtained in a number of ways, such as by actively participating in platform activities, interacting with the community, and staking AI tokens to support the network. The goal of the AI token distribution is to encourage involvement and advance the expansion of the AIDOGE ecosystem. An Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 token is called AIDOGE coin (AI). It makes use of a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to enhance network scalability and energy efficiency. Token holders are encouraged by the PoS architecture to stake their AI tokens and support the upkeep and security of the AIDOGE network.

 Property: Details
Total Supply:1,000,000,000,000 AIDOGE
Initial Circulation:12.5% (125,000,000,000 AIDOGE)
Deflationary Mechanism:2% of all transaction fees are burned, reducing the total supply of AIDOGE.

AIDOGE Crypto Privilege

Within the AIDOGE ecosystem, the AIDOGE coin (AI) has several use cases, such as:

• Meme Generation and Ownership: On the AIDOGE platform, users can create customized memes with sophisticated functionality by using AI tokens to purchase premium features.

• Staking Rewards: By staking their AI tokens, token holders can increase the network’s security and receive a portion of transaction fees.

• Governance Participation: Voting rights granted to AI token holders enable them to take part in governance decisions and shape the project’s future course.

• Community Engagement: AI tokens can be used to fund community-driven projects, take part in giveaways and contests, and interact with the AIDOGE community.

The AIDOGE project offers the bitcoin scene a novel fusion of AI and meme culture. This ecosystem is powered by the AIDOGE currency (AI), which also facilitates governance and encourages participation. AIDOGE has the ability to attract the interest of meme enthusiasts and make a name for itself in the expanding memecoin market thanks to its creative strategy and thorough tokenomics.

AIDOGE Coin Price Prediction

This chart, shared by the Ninja News analysis team, provides analysis on AIDOGE Coin.

AIDOGE coin shows potential resistance and support levels on the chart above, with the strongest support level at 1084. The market volume of the crypto coin with plenty of zeros in 2023 is 32.6 million dollars when we look at it on December 3. AIDOGE is categorized as a “memecoin” and is on the arbitrum network.

AIDOGE Price Comparison

Below you can see the meme coins that are often compared to AIDOGE coin and how they compare to AIDOGE.

How To Buy AIDOGE?

AIDOGE Coin can be bought on centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges.

To buy AIDOGE Coin, you can get it by signing up for a 40% commission discount on the OKX Exchange by clicking on it.

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