Aptos and Avalanche Gear Up for Major Token Unlock in November

Aptos, Avalanche, and Hashflow stand out with token unlocking transactions worth a total of 320 million dollars, making up a significant portion of the 450 million dollars in transactions that occurred throughout the month.

In addition to the developments in the crypto sector, November witnessed significant unlocking events. Aptos ($APT), Avalanche ($AVAX), and Hashflow ($HFT) are preparing for token unlocking transactions worth a total of 320 million dollars. These transactions account for a significant share of the 450 million dollars of unlocking transactions in November.

This Month’s Largest Token Unlock is in Aptos

Established by former Meta executives, the Layer 1 blockchain Aptos is making the largest token unlocking transaction this month. According to Token Unlocks data, on November 12th, 24.8 million $APT tokens will be released into the market. This amount represents 10% of the circulating supply and is worth approximately 172.9 million dollars. In the unlocking transactions, 82.7 million dollars will be allocated to core contributors, 58.6 million dollars to investors, 22.3 million dollars to the community, and 9.3 million dollars to the Aptos Foundation.

Aptos is Followed by Avalanche

Avalanche will unlock 9.5 million $AVAX tokens on November 24th. This amount makes up 2.7% of the total circulating supply and is worth 106.9 million dollars. In Avalanche’s token distribution this month, 50.4 million dollars will go to the project team, 25.2 million dollars to strategic partners, 18.7 million dollars to the Avalanche Foundation, and 12.6 million dollars will be set aside for a potential airdrop.

In addition to these two projects, Hashflow, a multi-chain decentralized exchange platform, is releasing 160.4 million $HFT tokens at the beginning of this month. This amount represents 73.9% of its circulating supply and is worth 41.3 million dollars.”

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