Apple Announces Product Update Event for September 12th

Apple has brought forth an exciting announcement in the world of technology. The upcoming product update event on September 12th has piqued curiosity about the new iPhone 15 and Apple Watch. This event is expected to unveil significant changes in the design and features, particularly for the iPhone, generating a sense of anticipation.

Apple has announced a product update event scheduled for September 12th. This event is expected to unveil the iPhone 15 and the new generation of the Apple Watch. Leaks and early reports suggest that the iPhone’s screen will be closer to the edges of the device, a “dynamic notch” feature providing users with more screen area will become standard across all devices, and a transition to a standardized USB-C charging port might occur.

iPhone 15 and Screen Innovations

Apple designers have long imagined an iPhone with no notches for cameras or sensors, with the screen covering the entire front surface. The iPhone 15 is set to bring them closer to that goal. The area reserved for the camera and facial recognition sensor at the top will be removed, and these components will be placed behind a technology called the “dynamic notch.” This technology will allow these components to function from beneath the screen, displaying interaction modules that enhance user experience, such as quick access modules or functions like pausing and playing music or maps.

While this dynamic notch feature was already present in the more expensive “pro” version of the iPhone 14, it will become standard across all models of the iPhone 15.

Additionally, the edges of the top-tier Pro and Pro Max versions of the iPhone 15 will be 0.7 millimeters thinner than the current version. The device, currently with 2.2 millimeters edge width, will have a slimmer design.

Implications of Innovative Design

Multiple sources such as Bloomberg, Tom’s Guide, and speculate that Apple might transition the iPhone’s charging port from its proprietary Lightning cable technology to the widely used USB-C standard. While this change is required by the European Union, it has not yet been mandated by North American regulators. also reports rumors of the new iPhone potentially featuring a “periscope lens” camera. This new technology incorporates a system of mirrors to achieve higher-quality optical zoom. Furthermore, claims suggest that some versions of the iPhone 15 might use titanium instead of aluminum.

Updates to the Apple Watch

Modest updates are expected for the Apple Watch. Apple plans to introduce the Series 9 Apple Watch lineup, offering faster processors and new case colors.

A Surprising Detail

There were speculations about significant changes to Apple’s side buttons; however, due to engineering issues, these plans were reportedly canceled. Engineers were working on new buttons to replace the existing audio and power buttons for the upper-tier versions of the iPhone 15. These new buttons would have used haptic feedback technology to provide users with sensations of vibrations and button movements. However, the mute/ring button’s potential to allow users to change a series of new settings was reportedly the cause of these new buttons’ cancellation.

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