The State of Texas and 25 States in the USA Published a Declaration Against the Federal Decision

The US State of Texas and 25 other states issued a joint statement against the federal government’s border policies. This step challenges the Biden administration’s border policies.

The US State of Texas took an important step against the federal government’s border policies, issuing a statement against Monday’s decision of the US Supreme Court, under the leadership of Republican Texas Governor Gregg Abbott. The decision allowed federal border agents to cut or move the barbed and razor wire that Texas had installed along the Mexican border.

These barbed wire fences were installed to stop refugees coming from the southern border of the USA. But Gov. Abbott said Wednesday that Texas will continue to install razor wire even if federal border officials remove them. With this decision, Abbott openly opposed the decision of the Constitutional Court, and this started a huge debate in the USA.

Texas and Other States React to Federal Decision

In response, 25 out of 50 states, with the other states representing half the country, issued a joint statement in support of Texas. This declaration is seen as a significant challenge to the central government. This step by the states is considered a serious challenge to the authority of the federal government and is considered an important turning point in the domestic politics of the United States.

US President Joe Biden has given Texas time on this issue. However, if the situation escalates further, the central government has the authority to seize the Texas National Guard.

On the other hand, Republican representative of Texas Bryan Slaton has proposed a bill against US President Biden that could hold a referendum to explore the possibility of Texas’ independence from the US. This proposal marks an unprecedented situation in the United States and further increases political tension in the country.

These developments in the USA constitute a serious breaking point in the country’s domestic politics and may significantly affect future political dynamics. This situation is seen as a serious test of the Biden administration’s border policies and the federal government’s authority over the states.

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