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What Does Stablecoin Minting Mean? Tether USDT Minting Meaning

Stablecoins like USDT and USDC peg their value to the U.S. dollar, providing a hedge against crypto volatility and opportunities for passive income. One of the biggest issuers, Tether, prints billions of USDT. In this library publication, you will learn the steps of Stablecoin issuing & their purposes.
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Turkey is Considering a New Crypto Law that Would Regulate Licensing and Taxation

Turkey is updating its crypto regulations to address FATF concerns and exit its 'grey list'. This includes new licensing and tax rules, aiming to strengthen safeguards against financial crimes. The country, ranking fourth in global crypto trading, seeks to enhance industry compliance and improve its international financial reputation.
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What is The “Black Swan Event”

Black Swan defines financial events that are unexpected and have a significant impact. This term, quoted from Taleb's popular book, is used broadly ranging from shocking events in traditional financial markets to Bitcoin's surprising performance in 2017. This concept emphasizes the need to deeply understand the risks and volatility in the financial world.
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Understanding TWAP Orders: A Comprehensive Guide

TWAP, or Time Weighted Average Price, is an algorithmic trading tool that breaks large orders into smaller portions, spreading executions over a set time. This minimizes market impact, reduces slippage, and ensures a fair average price. Ideal for sizable trades, TWAP offers a strategic approach in volatile markets.