MaestroBots Refunded 334 ETH to Affected Users After the Theft

MaestroBots, after the theft incident that occurred last month, in an effort to regain the platform’s trust, refunded users more than the stolen funds.

Last month, MaestroBots, a popular cryptocurrency trading bot on Telegram, was shaken by news of a security vulnerability that resulted in the theft of 280 ETH. However, immediately following this negative incident, the MaestroBots team promised to make refunds to affected users.

610 ETH Allocated to Regain Users’ Trust!

In the wake of these events, MaestroBots announced today that they have allocated 610 ETH from their own revenue to cover all users’ losses and to regain the platform’s trust.

“We absolutely refuse to expose our users to such unfortunate events, and it was the right thing to do for the affected individuals. The only correct option was to provide every user with an absolute best refund, and we did so more than adequately.”
MaestroBots CEO, Abbas Abou Daya

Furthermore, in their recent statement, the MaestroBots team mentioned, “Every wallet that lost tokens due to the router vulnerabilities has now received the full amount they lost. Additionally, as a token of gratitude for the trust and support of the affected users, MaestroBots increased the refund amount by 20%, distributing a total of 334 ETH.”

Source: Cointelegraph

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