Activated 2FA Security Amid Rising Concerns over SIM Card Scams

To protect its users against the recently increasing SIM card scams, has implemented two-factor authentication (2FA). The fact that such a prominent platform hadn’t taken this security measure earlier has sparked debate.

Recently, it was revealed that a total of 234 Ethereum ($385,000) of some users were stolen by hackers. Following this incident, the team began to take some steps to increase platform security.

Decentralized social media platform has started offering 2FA (two-factor authentication) feature to its users as an extra layer of security. The fact that such a large and popular platform has not activated 2FA security until now has created controversy.

On October 9th, in an announcement made at X, users were informed that they could add a 2FA password to their accounts to provide additional protection, even in situations where their mobile phone operators or email services are at risk.

Thanks to this feature, users will have to enter an extra password when logging in on a new device. However, the platform recommends its users to be careful about the new feature.

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