FTX Exploit Update: $4 Million in Ether Shifts After Dormancy

In a recent twist, $4 million in ether linked to last year’s FTX exploit moves after a year’s dormancy. The identity of the FTX hacker remains undisclosed and elusive, leaving the crypto community in continued suspense.

In a recent development, roughly 2,500 ether, equivalent to $4 million, connected to the FTX exploit of the previous year, has started to move. This movement is significant, considering the funds have been static for almost a year. Blockchain data, available to the public, has highlighted this surprising transactional activity.

The ether was dispersed through multiple private transactions. A sum of 700 ether was shifted using the Thorchain Router, renowned for its emphasis on transactional privacy. Another 1,200 ether was routed through Railgun, a DeFi wallet specifically designed for shielded, private transactions. The balance of 550 ether has been located in a distinct wallet.

Interestingly, a substantial 12,500 ether, approximated at $21 million, remains undisturbed in the original wallet of the exploiter.

The Identity of the FTX Hacker Continues to be Elusive

The dark cloud surrounding this exploit further thickens as the identity of the entity behind the FTX hack remains undisclosed. This theft occurred in the backdrop of dramatic events – the FTX exchange filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and the sudden resignation of its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, in 2022. It’s worth noting that shortly after this security breach, almost 21,500 ether (valued at $27 million back then) was promptly exchanged for the stablecoin, DAI.

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