Tottenham Hotspur Will Launch Web3 Fan Tokens on the Chiliz Blockchain.

Tottenham Hotspur has decided to issue fan tokens on the CHZ blockchain to enhance fan engagement and provide rewards to their supporters. This move exemplifies football clubs’ efforts to embrace digitalization and increase fan participation. In the future, Spurs aims to enable fans to support their team in a more interactive and connected manner.

Tottenham Hotspur, in partnership with CHZ blockchain-based, is launching fan tokens to encourage greater engagement and rewards for their fans. This move is part of the club’s growth strategy to provide a more immersive experience for its supporters.

Fan Engagement Goes Digital

Tottenham Hotspur has decided to collaborate with, a platform built on the CHZ blockchain, to offer fans a more direct way to engage and reward them. This platform has attracted interest from over 80 major sports teams worldwide, making it a significant fan engagement platform. Tottenham joins the likes of Manchester City, Arsenal, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Atlético Madrid, and A.S. Roma in this trend of digitization.

The Socios platform allows fans to make decisions related to their supported teams through DAOs. Spurs’ fans will have the opportunity to vote on decisions related to the club’s future and influence club dynamics.

Shirt Auctions and More

Tottenham Hotspur will also collaborate with the MatchWornShirt platform, which is verified on the CHZ blockchain, to facilitate auctions of jerseys worn by players during games. This will allow fans to purchase and add these unique jerseys to their collections.

Ryan Norys, Tottenham Hotspur’s Commercial Director, stated that the fan token would enhance the club’s membership program with a new set of rewards and experiences related to the club. This will enable fans to deepen their connection with the club by rewarding their loyalty.

Release Date and Considerations

The SPURS tokens will be launched on October 4th and listed on cryptocurrency exchanges that support CHZ tokens. However, users of Socios in the United Kingdom may encounter stricter advertising rules and posts containing warnings about potential losses when investing in cryptocurrencies or fan tokens due to the Financial Conduct Authority’s supervision, starting from October 8th.

Premier League Fan Tokens

With this move by Tottenham Hotspur, several Premier League teams are now rewarding and engaging with their fans through fan tokens. Teams like Manchester City, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Everton, Leeds, and Crystal Palace are using the Socios platform to strengthen their interaction with fans.

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