Cosmos Coin (ATOM) Review and Price Analysis

Technically, after breaking the downtrend, the price is rising without losing momentum. The $12 level is a significant resistance. If the price continues its upward movement, it’s crucial for it to establish support above this region. If it manages to surpass and solidify $12 as support, I anticipate the price aiming to test the $17.23 level. In case of pullbacks, my initial intermediate support to watch is $10.9. Additionally, it would be absorbing liquidity at the $11 level if it retraces to that point. The main support I’m monitoring is in the range of $10.3-$10. If there’s a pullback to this region and confirmation on lower time frames, I would consider attempting a long position.

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We can observe entries on the spot side, while there is a decrease in opened positions on the futures side.

The analyses shared here are not investment advice; however, they are considered support and resistance levels that may provide short to medium-term trading opportunities in the market. The responsibility for taking trades and managing risks lies with the user. It is strongly recommended to use stop loss in the trades shared.

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