What is 5ireChain? How to Make Testnet Operations?

It is a blockchain solution dedicated to working towards the United Nations’ sustainability goals.

What is 5ireChain?

5irechain aims to be the first Layer-1 protocol that develops a sustainable and community-based ecosystem based on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations. The proposed consensus mechanism takes sustainability as one of the most important components of the consensus mechanism. In addition to sustainability, the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism aims to prevent bias or cartelization in allowing nodes to delegate their own shares or nominate nodes they choose, which helps them be selected to create blocks.

We also aim to introduce the concept of sharded chains that allow 5irechain nodes to create blocks simultaneously, providing scalability to the chain. Nodes are grouped based on latency and data processing capacity and are brought together to create and manage smaller chains.

5ireChain: Blockchain solution dedicated to working towards the United Nations’ sustainability goals.

5ire Wallet: Unlike traditional blockchains, users can transact on 5ireChain using a recipient’s phone number or email address.

5ire Exchange: Aims to create a currency market system for trading operations and serves as an NFT market function to highlight NFTs.

What is Testnet?

Testnet is a special network used for testing blockchain protocols and cryptocurrencies. Testnet networks operate like real networks, but are used for testing purposes and use test tokens instead of real currency. Testnet networks are used for testing new blockchain projects, developing blockchain applications, and other similar purposes. Testnet networks can help detect errors or security issues that may occur in real networks, and enable developers to improve their projects. Projects can airdrop tokens to users who participate in the testnet.

How to Make Testnet Operations?

    • ✅ Set Up a Wallet

    ➡️ You can set up a wallet by going to this address.
    ➡️ Don’t forget to keep your private key safe. After setting up the wallet, you can also get the 12 words from the manage wallet section.

    • ✅ Faucet

    ➡️ Go to this address.
    ➡️ Click on the wallet extension.
    ➡️ Copy the Native Chain address.
    ➡️ Paste the wallet address and enter 5 in the Amount section. Then click on the Send button.

      • ✅ Swap

      ➡️ Let’s swap from Native Chain to Evm Chain.

      • ✅ Let’s complete the Crew3 Tasks

      ➡️ Let’s go to the address here and complete the tasks.

      ➡️ Let’s join the Discord channel here.

      • ✅ Creating a Smart Contract

      ➡️ Go to this address and follow the guide step by step to create a smart contract.

      ➡️ This process may take some time. We will update the guide as new information becomes available.

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