LI.FI Protocol Detailed Guide for Possible Airdrop

LI.FI is an infrastructure protocol that brings together cross-chain bridges and DEXs

What is LI-FI Protocol?

LI-FI helps with on-chain exchanges, cross-chain exchanges, and using both together. Random function calls and messaging between data allow for more complex strategies. It brings together all bridges, DEXs, and DEX aggregators.

LI-FI is an infrastructure protocol that brings together cross-chain bridges and DEXs, similar to LayerZero which we previously shared in the Airdrop category. It has announced receiving $17.5 million in funding in its latest financing round.

What is an Airdrop?

Airdrops are usually announced in advance and can be claimed through various methods such as downloading a specific wallet, registering on a website, or completing a survey. While airdrops can be a way for users to receive free tokens or coins, they can also be risky due to fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, it is important to conduct thorough research and only interact with legitimate projects and official channels before participating in any airdrops.

LI.FI Protokol Airdrop Steps

  • ✅ Bridge&Swap

➡️ Let’s go to

➡️ Let’s create a bridge between different networks (such as Arbitrum-BSC network, Ethereum-Matic network).

➡️ Let’s create volume by making swap transactions on the same network.

  • ✅ Free NFT (Free until April 15th)

➡️ Let’s go to the address here and connect our Metamask wallet.

➡️ Let’s read the block by clicking the ‘View’ button and then click the ‘done’ button.

➡️ Let’s complete the quiz tasks. Answers:

  1. True
  2. 96.06%
  3. 59%
  4. False
  5. False
  6. 6%
  7. False
  8. Ethereum and Bitcoin
  9. BNB Chain and Polygon
  10. EVM compatibility
  11. False
  12. Ethereum Virtual Machine
  13. All of the above
  14. $29.17B
  15. False
  16. True
  17. Non of the above
  18. BNB Chain
  19. 19- Polygon
  20. Polygon
  21. Avalanche
  22. True
  23. Arbitrum
  24. True
  25. True
  26. False
  27. True
  28. True
  29. 56
  30. Solana
  31. True
  32. All of the above
  33. True

➡️ Let’s complete the Twitter tasks.

➡️ Let’s enter the code: 42637153916471630 and complete the tasks.

➡️ After completing all the tasks, you can mint an NFT by paying a 0.15 cent fee on the Polygon network.

➡️ Let’s get a Discord role from here.

➡️ Let’s complete the Galxe tasks from here.

➡️ That’s all for the transactions.

All of the post above includes informational knowledge, none of the above includes any financial advice and should only be taken as an educational content. Ninja News cannot be held responsible for any vulnerabilities and exposures outside of this site, always be careful before connecting your wallet. All information above is gathered from various sources from airdrop educational contents and does not guarantee any airdrop from the companies written above. Please beware of risks and always make sure to be safe..

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