What is LineaBuild? How to Make Testnet Operations?(zkEVM)

LineaBuild has raised approximately $750 million in funding from companies like Microsoft and SoftBank so far.

What is LineaBuild?

Linea is a zero-knowledge virtual machine (zkEVM) for Ethereum developed by ConsenSys, the parent company of Metamask. The technology uses zero-knowledge proofs to increase transaction speed and reduce fees on the Ethereum network, and it has been gaining popularity due to its potential to scale the network.

ConsenSys has released a public test network for Linea, and the technology has raised a total of around $750 million in funding from companies such as Microsoft and SoftBank.

What is Testnet?

Testnet is a special network used for testing blockchain protocols and cryptocurrencies. Testnet networks operate like real networks, but are used for testing purposes and use test tokens instead of real currency. Testnet networks are used for testing new blockchain projects, developing blockchain applications, and other similar purposes. Testnet networks can help detect errors or security issues that may occur in real networks, and enable developers to improve their projects. Projects can airdrop tokens to users who participate in the testnet.

How to Make Testnet Operations?

  • ✅ The Process of Adding a Network

➡️ Network name : Linea
➡️ RPC URL: http://rpc.goerli.linea.build
➡️ Chain ID: 59140
➡️ Currency symbol: ETH
➡️ Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.goerli.linea.build

➡️ Let’s go to the http://goerlifaucet.com or https://faucetlink.to/goerli website and request gEth.

➡️ Once there, let’s connect our Metamask wallet.

➡️ Let’s enter a amount of Goerli Eth and click “Approve”, then click the “Send” button.

  • ✅ Swap

➡️ Let’s go to http://swap.goerli.linea.build/#/swap and connect our Metamask wallet.

➡️ Set the slippage to 49%.

➡️ Let’s perform an Eth and crUSDC swap.

➡️ Repeat the swap 5-10 times.

➡️ Let’s add liquidity to the pool from https://swap.goerli.linea.build/#/add/ETH (if it is not working, let’s wait for a few days.)

➡️ Let’s go here and click on “Convert”.

➡️ Let’s go here and add liquidity to the Pool, then withdraw some of the liquidity we deposited.

➡️ You can also create transactions by swapping with other tokens on the platform, adding liquidity to the Pool, and withdrawing it.

  • ✅ LineaBuild NFT Mint

➡️ Let’s go here. You can mint by paying a $2 fee on the NFT Optimism network. (Aptos Airdrop had a requirement for owning an NFT.)

➡️ That’s it for the transactions. Don’t forget to repeat these steps at regular intervals to create volume.

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