Surprising Sale Price of a CrypToadz NFT Draws Attention

An NFT from the CryptToadz collection, which was introduced to the market in 2021, being sold at a surprising price brought up the question: was it a mistake or money laundering?

Recently, there was a notable movement in the NFT market, especially during its most stagnant periods in terms of volume. A piece from the CrypToadz NFT collection, with a floor price of 0.53 ETH, was purchased on the OpenSea platform on October 9th for 1,055 Wrapped Ethereum (wETH), equivalent to about 1.6 million dollars. This purchase caused significant astonishment because an NFT with the same rarity was sold just two weeks prior for 0.95 ETH (about 1,600 dollars).

The CrypToadz collection was introduced to the market with 7,000 items during the NFT hype of 2021. Created by the digital artist known by the pseudonym Gremplin, this collection represents “small, unique amphibious creatures.” Since its introduction, the collection has reached a trading volume of 12,000 Ether.

Was the Sale Real?

This sale attracted attention not only due to its high price but also because of the financing behind the purchase. The transaction was made from a digital wallet anonymized by Tornado Cash. This wallet received an amount of 1,115.9 ETH (approximately 1.6 million dollars) just a few days before the purchase of the CrypToadz NFT.

Following this astonishing sale, crypto experts suggest that the transaction could have been a keystroke error or could have a more sinister reason behind it (money laundering). However, there’s no definitive information or evidence on this matter.

Source: Cointelegraph

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