DFZ Labs Moves Forward with Digital Card Game in Collaboration with Unity

The collaboration between DFZ Labs and Unity is regarded as a significant step toward NFT brands expanding into gaming and creating new revenue streams. The outcomes of DFZ Labs’ project could potentially mark the beginning of a significant movement within the NFT ecosystem.

DFZ Labs, the creator of the Deadfellaz NFT brand, is gearing up to develop a digital card game with the assistance of Unity, a powerhouse in the video game industry. Psych, the Head Artist and Co-founder of DFZ Labs emphasized the importance of collaborating with Unity.

“Our game plan includes an entirely new level of action and immersion for the [card game] genre, and no one is better equipped to take on this mission than Unity.”

Expansion of NFT Brands into Gaming

DFZ Labs, like many other NFT brands, hopes to expand its brand or “universe” through gaming. Top NFT brands are finding ways to engage with their existing fans and attract new members to their community through games. This could potentially accelerate growth in the NFT space and create new revenue streams.

Focus of DFZ Labs

DFZ Labs likely aims to utilize blockchain technology for in-game digital assets and establish itself as a web3 brand. However, their research and game development process over the past year has reaffirmed their belief that the fundamental desire of a gamer is entertainment. As a result, while initially targeting the development of a Play-to-Earn Trading Card Game (P2E TCG), the company has redirected its focus towards delivering an enjoyable gaming experience. This demonstrates their commitment to providing players with a fun and engaging experience.

Significance of Unity

Unity’s game engine has been used to create popular games like Pokémon Go and Call of Duty. DFZ Labs plans to leverage the robust infrastructure of Unity for its game development. The company expects to release an early version (alpha) of the game to a limited number of players early next year, signaling their seriousness in the gaming industry.

The Deadfellaz Collection

The Deadfellaz collection consists of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. According to CryptoSlam! data, the lifetime trading volume exceeds $100 million, underscoring the brand’s and collection’s popularity.

Source: The Block

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