New Target of MetaMask Scammers: Government Websites

The Ethereum wallet MetaMask continues to be a target for scammers. Particularly in countries like India, Nigeria, and Egypt, official government websites are being used to direct investors to fake MetaMask sites.

Ethereum’s popular crypto wallet, MetaMask, continues to be targeted by scammers. Government sites in countries like India and Nigeria are directing people to fake MetaMask sites.

Phishing Through Government Websites

These redirects are said to be a phishing tactic by scammers who manipulate government websites to gain users’ trust and then aim to access their crypto assets. When a user is redirected from an official government website to a fake MetaMask site, a fraudulent URL appears instead of the original URL.

This situation serves as a significant warning for crypto investors. Even websites considered reliable, like government websites, can be susceptible to such attacks.

Source: Cointelegraph

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