Surprise Transfers from Vitalik Buterin to Exchanges Continue

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has been making large crypto transfers recently. On October 16, Buterin transferred almost 15 million dollars worth of USDC to the Gemini exchange. According to a report by PeckShield, this is just one of the large transfers observed in recent weeks.

Transfers from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin continue. Most recently, Buterin made a transfer of almost 15 million dollars worth of USDC to the Gemini exchange. This isn’t the first large transfer made by the Ethereum co-founder. In recent weeks, it has been determined that Buterin made large ETH transfers, and these were conducted through various exchanges.

Details; Vitalik Buterin Executes Substantial Ethereum Transfers

PeckShield reported on October 16 that a transfer worth 14.93 million dollars was made from Vitalik’s ‘vitalik.eth‘ wallet address to the Gemini exchange. However, this is just one of the significant transfers observed in the past few weeks. Buterin had also made Ethereum transfers to various exchange accounts in previous weeks.

The fact that this latest transfer involved USDC, unlike the others, stood out. There has been no explanation from Buterin regarding the transfers. As of September, transfers involved a total of 4,000 ETH, valued at approximately 6.39 million dollars.

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