Stars Arena Announces That It Recovered Most of the Stolen Funds After the Attack

The Stars Arena team announced that they have recovered 90% of the stolen funds through an agreement with the hacker who carried out the attack last week. As part of this agreement, the hacker was rewarded with 27,610 AVAX.

Stars Arena announced that they have recovered 90% of the stolen funds after the attack on October 7th. Additionally, they agreed to offer a 10% reward to the hacker in exchange for returning the remaining funds.

A Reward of 27,610 AVAX Given to the Hacker

The total amount lost in the attack was previously stated as 266,104 AVAX. However, the returned funds were specified as 239,493 AVAX through two transactions worth 119,246 AVAX. The reward given to the hacker was disclosed as 26,610 AVAX + 1,000 AVAX (the amount lost on the bridge). Consequently, a total of 27,610 AVAX was given to the hacker.

A New Smart Contract Was Written for the Security of Users

Furthermore, in a post, Stars Arena stated that they have written a new smart contract and completed its audit as an additional precaution to ensure the security of users before depositing the returned funds.

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