California Prepares New Bill to Regulate Artificial Intelligence Models

This bill aims to enhance the transparency and security of artificial intelligence systems in California, while also establishing a state-funded research center.

The State of California is planning to take legal measures in response to the rapid growth and dissemination of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The forthcoming bill, to be introduced by State Senator Scott Wiener, anticipates taking a step in regulating how artificial intelligence can be governed within the state.

Prioritizing Transparency and Security

Wiener’s bill targets “borderline” artificial intelligence systems, classified as large language models, that exceed a certain level of computational power. One aim of the new proposal is to make such AI models more transparent. It is expected that transparency standards will apply to AI systems that require more than a specific amount of computational power.

Wiener’s proposal also includes security measures to prevent AI systems from falling into the hands of foreign states. Security measures to mitigate such risks will become mandatory within the state.

New Research Centers to be Established

The bill covers not only large technology companies but also academic institutions and startups. Another feature of the proposal is the recommendation to establish a state research center in California, called “CalCompute.” This center will provide the necessary computational infrastructure for academic studies and newly established companies.

Why California?

California is home to some of the world’s leading AI companies, along with Silicon Valley. Senator Scott Wiener emphasizes that California could play a significant role in national and global regulations in this field.

If passed, this bill is expected to make a substantial contribution to national and global regulations concerning artificial intelligence technology.

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