CoinEx Exchange Assures Users After Suspicious Attack

Crypto exchange CoinEx has issued a statement following a suspicious attack, assuring its users that they will be fully compensated and guaranteed security. The exchange has temporarily suspended deposit and withdrawal services to provide enhanced security.

Approximately $27 Million in “abnormal withdrawal transactions were recorded on Crypto Exchange CoinEx on September 12, 2023. The exchange announced hours later that the assets of its users were safe following this exploitation and that it would provide compensation.


CoinEx shared details regarding the security incident that occurred in recent hours. According to information shared by Cyvers Alerts, a CoinEx hot wallet transferred $27 million worth of various tokens to a wallet that had no previous history. The tokens particularly included $ETH, $TRON, and $MATIC.

CoinEx: “An Immediate Special Investigation Team Has Been Established”

CoinEx stated that it immediately established a special investigation team to deeply examine the situation following the incident. The exchange also assured its users that their assets were safe following this exploitation.

The exchange shared the details of the incident in an X post:

”Preliminary assessments indicate unauthorized transactions involving $ETH, $TRON, and $MATIC. The precise amount of the loss is still being determined, and the affected fund is just a very small portion of CoinEx’s total asset.

We assure all users: your assets are secure and untouched. Affected parties will receive 100% compensation for any loss due to this breach. For added security, deposit & withdrawal services are temporarily suspended and will resume after a thorough review.”

The exchange stated, ”In these challenging times, we earnestly seek your understanding and patience. Our priority has always been, and will continue to be, the security and trust of our users. We deeply regret any distress this may have caused and assure you of our unwavering dedication to safeguarding your interests.”

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