Worldcoin Continues to Break Identity Registration Records

The identity-focused crypto project Worldcoin continues to break registration records despite local investigations in Argentina.

The identity-focused crypto project Worldcoin, co-developed by Sam Altman, announced that it broke a one-day registration record despite local investigations in Argentina. According to Argentine authorities, approximately 9,500 Argentinians had their identities verified in a single day.

Identity Verification Every 9 Seconds

There seems to be a high demand for the World ID service in Argentina for the project called Worldcoin. Furthermore, in a blog post published today, Worldcoin stated that this record signifies the verification of a person’s identity every 9 seconds in Argentina.

The Worldcoin project was officially launched on July 24th and encourages users to register with World ID through iris scanning to digitally prove their identities. For more information about Worldcoin, you can read our article below.

Argentina Public Information Access Agency to Analyze Comprehensively

However, at the beginning of this month, the Argentine Agency for Public Data Access announced that it would “comprehensively analyze” the processes and practices of collecting, storing, and using personal data within the scope of the project.

Furthermore, the project seems to have captured the attention not only of the public in Argentina but also of authorities. The growing interest in identity-focused crypto projects continues due to their potential to enable individuals to manage their identities securely and transparently.

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