CandyBomb Launches Degis (DEG). How to Participate?

Degis is an all-in-one protection protocol built on Avalanche. Launching on CandyBomb by BitGet, users can participate in the airdrop and earn tickets.

CandyBomb is the Launchpad platform of BitGet. BitGet Exchange is committed to providing a safe and transparent platform for blockchain projects and investors alike. With CandyBomb, BitGet is empowering innovative projects to reach their full potential while offering investors access to promising projects at an early stage.

What is CandyBomb?

Project CandyBomb is a launchpad of BitGet Exchange that aims to discover and support promising blockchain projects. Through this initiative, BitGet is providing a platform for innovative blockchain projects to raise funds and gain exposure within the crypto community.

How to participate in the CandyBomb?

CandyBomb is a candy airdrop platform recently launched by Bitget. Users who complete tasks and get tickets will win token airdrops. Users who wish to participate in the CandyBomb projects need to have a BitGet account and complete the required KYC verification. Once the token sale starts, users can purchase tokens using USDT or BGB, BitGet’s native token.

About Degis

Degis is an all-in-one protection protocol built on Avalanche. The ultimate goal is to build a universal crypto protection platform that shapes a decentralized protection ecosystem. Degis risk management services mainly include providing insurance mechanisms to protect users from hacking and other security risks. They aim to provide users with a safer and more reliable trading and governance environment, while providing insurance and reward mechanisms to incentivize users to contribute to the security and stability of the platform. Degis has raised US$3 million in angel and seed rounds.

  • Project name: Degis (DEG)
  • Token standard: Avalanche-C
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 DEG
  • Total supply of CandyBomb: 1,320,000 DEG
  • Redemption ratio: 1 ticket = 12 DEG

How to participate?

1. Sign up on Bitget

2. Go to the CandyBomb page and use the Register button to register

3. Bitget will begin calculating spot trading volume and referrals only after the user completes registration for the promotion

About further details, please visit official announcement of BitGet.

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