NFT Platform Blur Introduces Blend, A Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform

Blur, a marketplace built on Ethereum platform for NFTs, announces Blend. Blend enables users to borrow ETH using their NFT as a collateral, without needing to sell them. Connecting DeFi and NFT, Blend aims to solve greater liquidity and higher yield opportunities for users and investors.

Blend by Blur: Uniting DeFi and NFT Worlds in One Platform

Blur, backed by Paradigm, is a marketplace for skilled NFT traders built on the Ethereum platform. Unlike OpenSea, Blur also pulls out listings from other marketplaces, offering more data on a single platform. Blur Introduces Blend, a peer-to-peer perpetual lending protocol that supports arbitrary collateral, including NFTs.

The P2P perpetual lending protocol for NFTs, Blend is offering 10x higher yield opportunities in DeFi. With NFT lending & seamless cross-chain functionality, it revolutionizes DeFi & NFT ecosystems for users of all levels.

To simply describe, imagine you own a Punk. You can now borrow up to 42 ETH within seconds on Blend. If you would like to have Azuki, you can buy it with only 2 ETH up front. With Blend, NFT holders can now borrow ETH against their NFTs without needing to sell.

What is Blend?

  • Blend is a new platform introduced by Blur, designed to merge the worlds of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • The platform aims to bring liquidity, cross-chain functionality, and seamless integration of various DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces.
  • Blend provides a user-friendly interface to facilitate the adoption of DeFi and NFT technologies for users of all experience levels.

What does Blend aim to solve?

Blend aims to solve several challenges within the DeFi and NFT ecosystems by providing a unified platform that offers:

  1. Higher yield opportunities: Blend, the Peer-to-Peer Perpetual Lending Protocol for NFTs, enables 10x higher yield opportunities than current DeFi protocols, making it more attractive for users and investors.
  2. Greater liquidity for NFTs: Blend, short for Blur Lending, unlocks liquidity for NFTs, allowing for the next stage of growth in the NFT market. By introducing NFT-native financial primitives, Blend facilitates a more efficient market for NFTs.
  3. Financialization of NFTs: Blend aims to bring financialization to the trillion-dollar market of non-fungible assets by introducing NFT lending. This helps make NFTs more affordable and accessible to a broader range of buyers by enabling them to pay a portion of the NFT price upfront and the rest through a lending mechanism.
  4. Intuitive and safe lending experience: Blend is designed to be intuitive for borrowers and safe and flexible for lenders, ensuring that NFT lending can scale effectively.

How to use Blend affectively?

Understanding the principles of Blend is crucial. Blend is built on the principle that tokens are dominating the market of fungible assets, while NFTs are taking over the non-fungible asset market. By offering NFT lending, Blend aims to scale the NFT market effectively.

Blend is a collaboration between Paradigm, Dan Robinson (one of the inventors of Uniswap V3), and Transmissions11 (a researcher at Paradigm and top contributor to Seaport). Blend’s design focuses on providing an intuitive, safe, and flexible lending experience for users.

Users can also benefit zero fees. For borrowers and lenders, Blend has zero fees. The fees are controlled by $BLUR holders and can be turned on after 180 days. Blend’s code is licensed under BSL like Uniswap V3, with additional use grants governed by $BLUR holders.

    By understanding these principles, users can take advantage of Blend’s innovative features to unlock new opportunities in the DeFi and NFT ecosystems.

    Season 2 Rewards & Loyalty

    As we are coming close to an ending of Season 2, Blend joins Blur for the $300 million airdrop of its native BLUR token. Although Blur has maintained its position as the top NFT marketplace for a number of months, passing OpenSea by greater numbers, aggregate NFT trading volumes have fallen in recent weeks.

    Blur now adds Lending Points near Bid Points & Listing Points. For more information about Lending Points, feel free to check out publication by Blur on Mirror.

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