FXS and LDO Price Technical Analysis

Liquid Staking (LSD) coins, or Liquid Staking projects, have been among the highest-rising coins in the market over the past two days. One of the main reasons for the rise of these coins was the possibility of the Ethereum locked in the Ethereum Shapella upgrade being restaked on these platforms.

Recently, with a large amount of Ethereum being transferred on Coinbase, LSD projects have once again become a topic of discussion.


With the reaction it received from the support region, it managed to rise to the significant resistance zone of $7.31 – $7.58. I think it’s crucial that it secures its current resistance zone. If it wins this resistance zone, we could see a rise up to the next resistance zone at $8.25. In case of a possible pullback, it will first react from the support region at $6.77.


With the existing narrative, it continues its rise by reclaiming resistance zones with volume candles. For now, the first resistance zone to watch is at $2.20. If this zone is won, it will want to test the next resistance levels of $2.48 – $2.49. In case of a possible pullback, the support level I deem important and expect to react is at $2.

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