Apple Takes Action on the Radiation Issue of the Banned iPhone 12 in France

Apple has announced that it will release a software update to regulate the radiation levels of the iPhone 12 model and stated that the update will not create a safety concern.

Following the suspension of sales of the iPhone 12 model in France due to radiation levels, Apple plans to resolve the disagreement with the French government by releasing a software update. This development is also closely watched by other European countries.

What Happened Before?

The French government had indicated that the radiation levels of Apple’s popular iPhone 12 model were above the set limits and had swiftly halted its sales. France’s Minister for Digital Economy, Jean-Noel Barrot, said that the French radiation regulatory board ANFR was prepared to test the update. Barrot also stated that the update needed to make the iPhone 12 compliant with European standards, and if this was achieved, sales could resume.

Apple Responds Swiftly

In response to the issue, Apple stated, “In accordance with the protocol followed by the regulatory body in France, we will bring a software update for users in France. We want the iPhone 12s to continue being used in France,” The company also emphasized that this update is not a safety concern, but is intended to comply with the testing protocols of French regulatory bodies.

Other Countries Are Watching

Following France’s decision, Belgium had also announced plans to evaluate the health risks associated with Apple’s iPhone 12 model. Other European countries like Germany indicated that they would closely follow the developments in France.

If the update is successful, it is expected that the iPhone 12 model will be reintroduced for sale in France and that similar issues will be prevented in other countries.

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Source: Reuters

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