Anthropic has Raised Claude’s Word Limit to 75,000: They Can Read a Novel in Less than a Minute!

The artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, founded by former employees of OpenAI, continues to enhance the capabilities of its new language model, Claude.

Anthropic, an artificial intelligence venture founded by former employees of OpenAI, is continuing to enhance the capabilities of its new language model, Claude. The company has announced that it has expanded the amount of input and output processed by Claude during usage. This significant update allows the model to access more data and generate more detailed and comprehensive responses.

It is known that ChatGPT has a word limit ranging from 3,000 to 8,000, which can be insufficient in certain cases. However, Anthropic, with its own developed model, Claude, has announced a significant expansion of this limitation. Anthropic has increased Claude’s word limit up to 75,000, showcasing truly impressive progress in their advancements.

Anthropic stated in their announcement that Claude’s 75,000-word limit is sufficient to process a novel like The Great Gatsby in a single go. Furthermore, the company requested Claude to change a single sentence in the novel to showcase its capabilities. Astonishingly, Claude accurately responded to this request in just 22 seconds. According to Anthropic, it takes approximately 5 hours for a human to read 75,000 words, highlighting Claude’s exceptional speed.

Advancements in the field of artificial intelligence increase the potential of language models to provide more effective solutions to real-world problems. Anthropic’s Claude model stands out with its ability to generate fewer incorrect results, and it can contribute to the development of more reliable and useful artificial intelligence applications in the future.

Furthermore, these advancements foster increased competition in the sector, allowing for the emergence of more effective and innovative solutions. Particularly, efforts to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence models can intensify competition among industry players. This drive to surpass the limits of AI models can fuel a heightened level of competition within the sector.

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