ChatGPT Now Accessible Again in Italy Following Privacy Concerns

Italian data protection authorities outlawed ChatGPT at the beginning of April because they were concerned about user privacy. However, the company has since taken action to address the concerns voiced by regulators, and users in Italy can once again access it.

The corporation claims that it has effectively addressed the privacy issues that prompted the ban. In order to increase user transparency, it has made the required preparations to assure compliance with data protection laws. It has also defined its data gathering and processing procedures.

In response to the temporary restriction of ChatGPT by the Italian data-protection authority, Garante, OpenAI has taken measures to address concerns over user privacy and safety. Garante had charged OpenAI of an alleged breach since ChatGPT reportedly failed to confirm the users’ legal age, which is 13 or older.

In response, OpenAI has established a tool available to Italian users only that can be used to confirm the age of users before they sign up. A new form is also being used by the company so that users in the European Union can exercise their right to object to the company’s usage of their personal data for training AI models.

ChatGPT said in a statement to the Associated Press and The Verge that it was happy to welcome back its Italian users and that it remained committed to protecting their privacy. The company’s actions are a step in the right direction towards earning back users’ trust and resolving regulators’ concerns.

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