OKX Takes NFT Market Leadership: Surpasses OpenSea and Blur

After the surge in demand for Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs, the 24-hour trading volume of the OKX NFT Market surpassed that of OpenSea and Blur.

According to DappRadar data, in the last 24 hours, the OKX NFT market volume exceeded 50 million dollars, propelled by the intense interest in Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs, surpassing Blur’s 13.21 million dollars and OpenSea’s 3.25 million dollars in trading volume.

The data indicates that this surge in volume on OKX revolves around the rapidly gaining popularity of Bitcoin Ordinals NFTs among NFT enthusiasts. The substantial demand in recent days has enabled OKX to secure a leading position.

“OKX has become the number one NFT market after enabling the trading of BTC Ordinals NFTs.”
Nick Ruck

Looking at the rankings of other platforms in terms of 24-hour volume, Blur takes the second spot with a daily trading volume of 13.21 million dollars, followed by Magic Eden with 7.63 million dollars, UniSat with 3.82 million dollars, and OpenSea with 3.25 million dollars.

“The primary catalyst behind this extraordinary growth can be attributed to OKX’s strategic support for BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin Ordinals.”

Source: The Block

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