NFT Sales Break Out of Two-Month Stagnation

The NFT market has reversed its two-month downward trend and reached a sales volume of 70.51 million dollars across all platforms. Ethereum made up a large portion of this volume, reaching sales of 36.96 million dollars with an increase of 16.09%.

According to Cryptoslam data, between October 14 and 21, the NFT market slightly recovered, with sales reaching $70.51 million, a 12.62% increase. This is a significant development considering the continuously declining NFT volumes over the last two months.

Ethereum Peaks in NFT Volume

In NFT trade volume, the Ethereum platform reached sales of $36.96 million with a 16.09% increase, securing its place at the top. It almost made a fifty-fifty difference in weekly total trade.

Following Ethereum, platforms like Mythos and Solana also saw significant volume. Mythos reached sales of $9.54 million with a 5.61% increase, while Solana reached sales of $6.69 million with a significant 25.31% jump.

Massive Sale on Mythos

The most notable collection of the week was recorded on Mythos. Dmarket declared its leadership in this field with sales of $9.48 million. The famous Gods Unchained collection followed it with $4.76 million.

An artwork from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection found a buyer for $4.31 million. Winds of Yawana’s sales reached $3.57 million, and the popular football NFT, Sorare, entered the list with $2.3 million.

The Decline in Transaction Numbers Continues

Despite this positive atmosphere, the number of NFT transactions declined by 2.34%, dropping to 1,602,001. This doesn’t mean the market has fully recovered. Although many NFTs are currently priced 90% below their peak, considering that Cryptopunk #9611 was sold for $250,556 and Cardanians Loyalty for $159,096, it’s believed that the potential in this space continues.

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