Elon Musk Announces Twitter’s New CEO: Management is Changing

Elon Musk announces hiring twitter’s new CEO and changing his role in the management hierarchy.

Elon Musk, a prominent figure in the technology world and known as the CEO of both Twitter and Tesla, made an exciting announcement on Twitter. Musk revealed that he has hired a new CEO for Twitter, who will assume the position in approximately 6 weeks.

In his tweet, Musk stated that his own role will change, transitioning to the positions of executive chair and chief technology officer (CTO). He mentioned that he will now oversee product, software, and system operations, taking on the responsibility for their management.

This new appointment is considered a significant step for the future of Twitter. Although there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the identity of the new CEO, the technology industry is eagerly anticipating this development.

Furthermore, following Elon Musk’s announcement, Tesla’s stock (%TSLA) experienced a significant surge. Musk’s announcement resulted in a 3% increase in the value of the company’s shares.

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