Binance has Taken a Step into the Metaverse by Launching the “Build The Block” Show

Binance has launched the “Build The Block” metaverse program to discover the next web3 entrepreneur.

The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, is taking an exciting step to support Web3 startups. With its new digital series called “Build The Block,” Binance is bringing together entrepreneurs who will compete to receive investments from Binance Labs. This series is noteworthy for being the first of its kind in terms of its show format and for marking Binance’s entry into the metaverse.

Binance, in order to support innovative projects during this transformative process, has launched the Metaverse Program, providing financial and technical support to entrepreneurs operating in the Web3 space. Additionally, it enables them to leverage Binance’s comprehensive resources.

The Metaverse Program can play a significant role in providing the necessary capital for young entrepreneurs to bring their projects to life. Furthermore, Binance’s high liquidity facilitates easier access to financing, which is critical for the growth of these projects.

Additionally, Binance’s team of technical expertise and experience will provide guidance and consulting services to entrepreneurs. Project owners will be able to benefit from Binance’s expertise in areas such as blockchain integration, smart contracts, token economics, and security.

The Details of the Grand Competition “Build The Block”

According to the statements, Build The Block was created by Binance Studio, Binance’s in-house Web3 global creative studio, and designed as a complete metaverse. This series, brought to life using virtual cameras and custom avatars, was co-produced with Lifeform, a leading technology solution provider for Web3 virtual avatars.

The jury panel for the competition consists of Yi He, the President of Binance Labs, Yibo Ling, the Chief Operating Officer of Binance, Guy Turner, the Co-Founder of Coin Bureau, Azeem Khan, the Fundraising and Partnerships Lead at Gitcoin, and Robby Yung, the CEO of Animoca Brands and a partner at Animoca Capital. These esteemed individuals will evaluate and provide feedback for the 12 projects competing in the show, aiming to captivate the audience. Hosting the show will be Justin Bratton, the host of Asia’s Got Talent.

According to the provided information, the participants were selected from over 900 applications. The contestants will compete live in front of virtual studio audiences and the jury panel. The show will be broadcasted in seven episodes on Binance’s YouTube channel and Binance Live. The first episode will start on May 12 at 14:00 (GMT). The episodes will be aired every Tuesday and Friday, with the final episode taking place on June 2, Friday.

Teams Competing in the “Build The Block” Competition

*Mint Network
*Sandbags Protocol 
*Wallet Guard 
*The Harvest
*Bracket Labs 
*Notebook Labs 

To learn more about the competition and the contestants, and to see behind-the-scenes footage, you can follow @BinanceLabs and #BuildtheBlock on Twitter.

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