Avalanche, Aptos, and The Sandbox Lead in Upcoming $870 Million Unlock Events

In the upcoming process, projects such as Avalanche, Aptos, The Sandbox, and Optimism are attracting attention in key unlocks; a significant unlock worth $339 million in AVAX stands out.

February witnesses significant token unlock events. Token Unlocks refer to the release of a certain amount of tokens from projects into circulation on pre-determined dates. The unlocks in February will have a total value exceeding $870 million and will cover projects like $SUI, $APT, $SAND, $APE, $MANTA, $AVAX, and $OP.

AVAX is Coming!

This month’s most noteworthy unlock will occur with Avalanche’s token, AVAX. On February 22nd, 9.54 million AVAX tokens, valued at $339 million, will enter circulation. This only constitutes 2.6% of AVAX’s total supply. Despite this significant unlock in AVAX, it’s noted that the quantity of tokens being released into circulation is low relative to the overall supply.

Source: WuBlockchain

Following AVAX, another significant unlock will occur in the Aptos ($APT) project. On February 11th, 24.8 million APT tokens, valued at $229 million, will be unlocked. This represents approximately 7% of APT’s total supply.

On February 14th, The Sandbox’s token, SAND, will experience a major unlock. On this date, 209 million SAND tokens, valued at $94.42 million, will be released into circulation. This planned unlock for SAND could increase the potential to attract more participants to the project’s gaming and metaverse ecosystem.

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