Justin Sun Made a Statement About the Hack Attack

After the millions of dollars worth hack attack on Poloniex and HTX, Justin Sun announced that they have fully recovered the assets and are 100% secure.

After the $200 million hack attack that occurred last month, Poloniex and HTX provided reassuring statements to their investors. Following the theft of $114 million in the attack on November 10th from Poloniex’s hot wallets, an additional $97 million was stolen from HTX and the Heco Chain protocol.

However, Justin Sun, an investor in Poloniex and an advisor to HTX, stated in an interview with CoinDesk today that both exchanges are currently secure and the lost assets have been recovered.

“Please note that all token losses on the HTX and Poloniex platforms have already been covered, ensuring the safety of 100% of the assets.”
Justin Sun

Justin Sun concluded by stating, “I believe we have already recovered about 95% of the assets in terms of USD value for HTX. On Poloniex, we have seen a rebound of around 85% in terms of the USD value of assets.”

Source: CoinDesk

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