Announces That It Plans to Enter the Turkish Market and Increase the Number of Employees exchange announced that it will expand its global presence by entering the Turkish and Nigerian markets, and at the same time, it will increase its workforce.

Cryptocurrency exchange has announced its decision to expand into Turkey and Nigeria and significantly increase its workforce. According to Bloomberg, the company’s CEO, Peter Smith, stated plans to increase the number of employees by 25% within the coming year.

According to the company’s statements,’s expansion aims to strengthen its strong position in the global market and establish a presence in new markets.

“We’ve seen a lot of shake-ups in the market due to reasons such as companies withdrawing from specific local markets and companies going bankrupt.”
Peter Smith, CEO of
Why Focus on the Turkish Market?

The reason for’s focus on the Turkish market is the intense interest of its citizens in cryptocurrency. The company aims to expand its user base in these markets while also increasing its global reach.

Finally, it is noted that in addition to strengthening its existing staff, the company aims to bring in new professionals with expertise to operate in new markets.

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