Statement Regarding Leaked Airdrop Images from Starknet Foundation

The Starknet Foundation has released a statement regarding leaked images of a possible provisions portal. The statement confirms that the foundation is developing plans to distribute tokens to certain users/contributors for past activity, but it also emphasizes that the screenshots shared on social media are still under development and do not reflect the final criteria or allocations.

Starknet Foundation made a statement regarding screenshots circulating on social media and allegedly belonging to the upcoming airdrop. The Foundation stated that the images in question reflect draft plans that are still in the development stage and that work is being done on the availability dates determined for the airdrop.

leaked image
leaked image

In the leaked images, it is seen that Starknet has prepared a list containing the criteria for determining suitable addresses for airdrop. However, its exact purpose could not be determined due to errors such as some copies being missing and the name of the project being misspelled.

Starknet Foundation’s statement on the subject;

”We have seen that a preview of an iteration of a possible provisions portal has been shared on social media. As noted a year ago in the original announcement of the STRK token, the Starknet Foundation is developing plans to distribute the token to certain users/contributors for past activity at some point. Tech teams build and test different front ends, some of which see the light of day and some which don’t.

Please note that the screenshots contained draft plans that are still under development. The cut-off for any criteria used to determine who may receive tokens or how many tokens is in the past and no actions or activity now can impact eligibility in any way. We will share the finalized official criteria and details around the provision allocations when they are ready.

Lastly, please beware of scams. Follow information on our official channels.”

Underlining that official information will only be shared on the foundation’s official channels, the Foundation stated that it takes care to ensure that the community has access to accurate and reliable information.

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