KyberSwap Team Announces It Recovered $4.6 Million in Stolen Funds

Last week, KyberSwap, which had $47 million in assets stolen from its platform due to a hacking attack, announced today that it has recovered 10% of the funds.

Last week, KyberSwap fell victim to a hacking attack resulting in the theft of $47 million in assets. Today, the KyberSwap team announced the recovery of $4.67 million from the stolen funds.

Deals Made with Bot Operators

Additionally, the KyberSwap team revealed that they conducted negotiations with bot operators who withdrew approximately $5.7 million worth of crypto assets from KyberSwap pools on the Polygon and Avalanche networks during the hack, facilitating this recovery operation. As part of the agreement, the operators will return 90% of the received funds to a specific KyberSwap address on the Polygon network and receive a 10% reward as an incentive.

No Response from the Hacker Regarding the Agreement Offer

Despite the team’s announcement that, in addition to the deal with bot operators, they would offer a 10% reward to the hacker if the funds were returned last week, there has been no response from the hacker yet.

Source: The Block

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