Chinese Hackers Steal Thousands of Dollars from Crypto Users with Fake Skype App

In recent times, as the number of crypto scams is on the rise, we also see hackers developing new methods of fraud. Security firm SlowMist has detected that thousands of dollars are being stolen through a fake Skype application.

Chinese crypto security analytics firm SlowMist has identified a new phishing scam carried out by Chinese hackers targeting crypto users using a fake Skype video application.

Thousands of Dollars Stolen from Users

According to the report prepared by SlowMist, hackers have quickly stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting crypto users using the fake Skype application.

The security team found that the signature of the fake application had been altered and used to embed malicious software. After analyzing the source code of the fake Skype application, it was revealed that hackers had utilized a modified version of “okhttp3,” a widely used Android networking framework, to reach their targets.

The altered okhttp3 captures images from various directories on Android phones, monitoring them in real-time to seize user information.

They Have Access to All Information!

Through the malicious okhttp3, scammers request access to users’ internal files and visuals. Considering that many social media applications request similar permissions, users often do not suspect these requests. Once the fake Skype application obtains these permissions, it immediately starts uploading user information, device details, phone numbers, and other critical data.

Finally, the SlowMist team announced that they have identified and blacklisted all wallet addresses associated with the detected scam.

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