Ava Labs Lays Off 12% of Its Staff

Ava Labs has announced a 12% reduction in its workforce to adapt to the volatility of the blockchain sector. CEO Emin Gün Sirer announced the news on X.

Ava Labs has announced a 12% cut in its workforce to adjust to the ups and downs in the sector. With this move, the company aims to reorganize its resources, focusing on the expansion of the Avalanche Blockchain ecosystem.

Under the leadership of Emin Gün Sirer, Ava Labs has described this change as a reallocation of resources to double the growth of the company and the Avalanche ecosystem.

”Bear markets are difficult to navigate. Ava Labs is fortunate to have significant runway and resources at our disposal, and we will be focusing those resources on advancing the Avalanche ecosystem for years to come.”

Emin Can Sirer.

This step, taken for the sustainability of success in the blockchain field and to make innovative solutions continuous, aims to expand the company’s future growth plans.

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