AAVE Addresses Security Flaw: Certain Transactions Halted as a Precaution

The Aave protocol has announced the suspension of certain operations across various blockchains following the detection of a potential issue. In particular, some assets in the V2 transactions on Ethereum and V3 transactions on other networks have been suspended as a precaution.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform Aave has announced that as a security measure, it has temporarily suspended the transactions of certain assets in the V2 on Ethereum and V3 on other networks. The protocol reported that it acted swiftly following the detection of an issue.

The protocol’s announcement did not specify the particular issue or feature that prompted this action. It also ensured that no user funds were put at risk. The suspension affects certain assets in the Aave V2 Ethereum Market and Aave V2 on Avalanche, as well as specific assets on Aave V3 on Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

No Concrete Information Yet, Details to Be Announced After the Issue Is Resolved

It was stated that the suspended assets and operations would be restarted following the approval of a proposal by the protocol.

The protocol has committed to preparing a report detailing exactly how the issue was resolved but indicated that this report would be published “after the issue is completely resolved.” In the meantime, it was announced that Aave V3 continues to actively serve on Ethereum, Base, and Metis and that V2 operations on Polygon and Avalanche were not affected by this suspension.

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