Three Bitcoin Whales Stir: Moving Funds After Six Years of Dormancy

Three Bitcoin whale addresses, dormant since November 2017, have made transfers totaling approximately 6,500 BTC, valued at about $230 million. These movements are noteworthy due to Bitcoin’s recent value surge and the fact that the history of these addresses dates back to 2011.

Three Bitcoin whale addresses, which have been inactive since November 2017, have recently been found to transfer a total of 6,500 BTC (approximately $230 million) to other addresses.

While the reasons for these transfers remain unknown, the movements of these three addresses come at a time when Bitcoin has seen an increase of over 25% in its value in the past month. Additionally, the Bitcoins in these addresses trace back to 2011. This suggests a potential connection between these addresses and the early miners associated with F2Pool.

The simultaneous activity of these three addresses on the same date has raised suspicions that they might be interconnected or possibly under the control of a single organization. The first address moved Bitcoin worth approximately $90 million, while the other two addresses transferred Bitcoins valued at $71 million and $69 million, respectively. There is no clear explanation as to why these addresses became active after remaining dormant for some time.

Source: The Block

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