The Activity in FTX Wallets Continues

The intense activity in the FTX addresses, which have been reactivated to raise funds, continues. The alleged large-scale unstake transactions on October 30th once again drew attention to FTX’s wallets valued at 3.4 billion dollars.

According to data from Nansen, Solscan tagged an address associated with FTX on October 30th for unstaking 1.6 million SOL. This amount corresponds to a value of $58.76 million. However, it was observed that this large amount is still held in the staking account. According to Wu Blockchain, the total value of this address associated with FTX, including 1,033 WBTC, 364,859 JSOL, 141,870 mSOL, 2,440 ETH, and 3,990,440 USDT, exceeds $100 million.

Previous Week’s Transfers and Sales

This activity is not limited to just SOL. The same address transferred 469,587 $SOL, worth approximately $15.2 million, to different exchanges last week. According to Lookonchain, 170,000 of this transferred $SOL (valued at $5.5 million) was sent to the Binance exchange, while the remaining 80,000 $SOL (valued at $2.6 million) was sent to the Coinbase exchange.

Hours before this large $SOL transfer, it was reported that this FTX-associated account sold 974,270 $RNDR ($2 million) and 21,967 $COMP ($995,000), totaling $13.5 million in assets. It is estimated that the total assets in all of FTX’s wallets amount to $3.4 billion.

Details; Is FTX Selling Its Assets? Total Amount is 3.4 Billion Dollars

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