CME’s Open Positions Continue to Break Records

CME’s open positions nearly doubled compared to the previous week, setting a new record. This propelled CME to the second position, surpassing other major derivative exchanges like OKX.

With the recent surge in the cryptocurrency markets, activity continues to rise, and the world’s largest options and futures exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), has rapidly increased its open positions in Bitcoin futures. This increase has boosted CME’s market share in Bitcoin futures to 25%, making it the second-largest Bitcoin futures exchange, surpassing other major derivative platforms like Bybit and OKX.

CME’s Open Positions Breaking Records!

According to the latest data, CME’s open positions have more than doubled compared to the previous week, surpassing $3.58 billion and reaching all-time highs. This achievement has allowed CME to catch up to Binance, especially leaving other major derivative exchanges like Bybit and OKX behind.

Is the Increase in Open Positions a Sign of a New Rally?

Open positions are also considered an indicator that measures the capital entering and exiting the market. When more capital flows into Bitcoin futures, open positions increase, while they decrease when capital is withdrawn. Therefore, increasing open positions generally signal an upward trend, while decreasing open positions indicate a downward trend.

CME’s recent growth demonstrates the growing interest in cryptocurrencies from investors and institutional entities. It also underscores the increasing acceptance of the cryptocurrency sector and the significant financial players investing in this space.

Source: Cointelegraph

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