Is FTX Selling Its Assets? Total Amount is 3.4 Billion Dollars

In the last 7 hours, an address associated with FTX carried out a transfer worth 469,587 $SOL, approximately valued at 15.2 million dollars. The transfer was directed to various exchanges. Additionally, it was determined that sales of $RNDR and $COMP took place late at night.

An address associated with FTX has executed a transfer of 469,587 $SOL in the last 7 hours. The value of this transfer is approximately 15.2 million dollars.

Of this significant transfer, a portion worth 250,000 $SOL (roughly 8.1 million dollars) was directed to different exchanges. It is known that FTX/Alameda holds a total of 3.4 billion dollars in crypto assets.

According to Lookonchain, 170,000 $SOL of this transfer (valued at 5.5 million dollars) was sent to the Binance exchange, while the remaining 80,000 $SOL (worth 2.6 million dollars) was directed to the Coinbase exchange.

It was stated that FTX/Alameda sold a total of $13.5 million in assets with the sale of $974,270 $RNDR ($2 million) and $21,967 $COMP ($995,000) hours before the $SOL transfer.

The Exchange is Preparing to Reopen

FTX announced at its last hearing in Wilmington, Delaware, that its post-bankruptcy relaunch plans were continuing. Representatives of the stock exchange state that they will be at the decision stage until mid-December.

The decisions and steps FTX will make in the coming days may have significant impacts on the industry.

Details: FTX Prepares to Reopen: Decision Will Be Made by Mid-December

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