Bitmain Fires Four Employees Following Salary Announcement Leak

Bitmain announced that due to financial difficulties, there would be cuts in some employee salaries. This information quickly spread among the employees and was leaked to the outside. As a result of this leak, the company terminated the positions of four employees.

Bitmain, known as the world’s largest Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer, recently announced that it has fired four employees due to the illegal leaking of internal company information.

Wu Blockchain shared the news on his social media account.

Bitmain informed some of its employees that a portion of their salaries would not be paid due to financial conditions. In the announcement, it was stated that the company’s cash flow did not reach the expected levels in September, and therefore, the full salaries could not be paid. This announcement spread among Bitmain employees, and a few of them leaked this information to the outside.

Following these leaks, some Bitmain employees confirmed the accuracy of this information through unofficial channels. However, the company described such leaks as the “illegal publication of the company’s announcement regarding salaries” and decided to terminate four employees.

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