Galxe Announces That It Will Refund Affected Users Following the Attack on the Platform

Galxe announced that it will reimburse 960 users who were affected by the attack conducted on its website last week. Additionally, an extra payment of up to 10% of the lost amount from the project’s treasury will also be made.

Galxe, a Web3 identity and reward platform serving over 11 million users, fell victim to a major DNS attack last week. Immediately following the attack, Galxe issued an official warning on its X page, urging users to urgently disconnect their wallets and temporarily shutting down the site to prevent further harm to users.

An additional payment of 10% will be made from the Project Treasury

According to the company, it will make refunds totaling $396,000 to more than 980 affected users, and it will also make an additional payment of up to 10% of the lost amount from the project’s treasury.

“For the affected users, we are aware of the impact of this security incident and have devised a comprehensive recovery plan to bring you back as a whole.”
CEO of Galxe

Additionally, according to Galxe’s official statement, all refunds to affected users will be in USDT (Tether) cryptocurrency.

“We will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure that users are safe and can use their platforms with confidence.”
CEO of Galxe
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