DWF Labs Invests $7.5 Million in AirDAO Ecosystem

DWF Labs announced a new investment agreement aimed at expanding the AirDAO ecosystem. With this new deal, AirDAO will receive an investment of $7.5 million.

The global-scale digital asset market maker and web3 investment firm, DWF Labs, has reportedly made an investment to contribute to the AirDAO ecosystem. The company holds a significant position in cryptocurrency trading and actively trades on more than 60 top-tier exchanges.

This collaboration was first shared by the Lookonchain page stating, “DWF Labs sent 7.5 million $USDT in the last hour and received 1.5 billion $AMB (worth 18.74 million $).”

Following the news, significant price movements were observed in the AirDAO token, ARM. The token gained a value of over 10%.

This investment will be used to advance AirDAO’s product strategy and, specifically, to expand in the regions of Southeast Asia and Africa. A portion of the investment will be allocated to onboard a team of skilled experts. Additionally, efforts to enhance AirDAO’s social media presence and brand awareness will also be supported.

“The AirDAO Council is acutely aware of areas of improvement in our presence on social media. We are going to invest significantly in growing our brand presence globally. We have a comprehensive operational runway to prepare AirDAO for the future and to onboard the next generation of AirDAO users. We couldn’t have chosen a better investment partner than DWF Labs to build with us.”


The two companies will organize a joint networking event during Binance Blockchain Week in Turkey in November 2023. Moreover, thanks to DWF Labs’ ecosystem support, AirDAO will explore collaboration and development opportunities with DWF Labs portfolio companies.

Another significant component of the investment was a joint agreement for a $1 million ecosystem investment fund to promote AirDAO projects.

DWF Labs Managing Partner Andrei Grachev commented on this partnership, stating that they continue to establish a strong relationship with AirDAO and have been impressed with the results obtained from AirDAO’s technology, management, and team.

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