Optimism Completes Its Third Major Community Airdrop

Through its third major airdrop, Optimism has distributed OP tokens valued at $27 million to 31,870 distinct addresses. The selection of recipient addresses was determined based on whether the users have participated in governance voting with their OP tokens.

Layer-2 blockchain platform Optimism has announced the completion of its third major community airdrop, reporting a distribution of 19,411,313 OP tokens, valued at $27 million, to 31,870 unique addresses.

The third airdrop event commenced on Monday, September 18, with OP tokens being directly deposited into eligible wallets. Notably, Optimism had also discreetly executed its second airdrop earlier this year.

The addresses for the distribution were selected based on whether the users have employed their OP tokens in governance voting. This aims to empower token holders with a say in the platform’s future, thereby fostering active participation and effective governance.

Future Plans Also Announced!

Upon successfully completing its third airdrop, Optimism revealed plans to allocate 570 million OP tokens for future airdrops. This indicates the platform’s commitment to strengthening its community as part of its long-term objectives.

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